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Article: What does a chancellor do?

A quoi sert une chancelière ? - Crocrobo Paris

What does a chancellor do?

In a few months, autumn will give way to winter. But that doesn't mean you have to leave your child locked inside the house and let the cold months pass. But you don't have to expose your little one to the harsh elements either. You and your baby can walk together with the help of winter clothes and accessories, such as a blanket and a foot muff for your stroller.

How does a footmuff keep your baby warm?

A footmuff is an insulating pad that looks like a sleeping bag that you can put on the stroller in the winter. It has layers of cotton or fleece inside that keep your baby warm. At the same time, the fabric is breathable so your baby won't get stuck and chafed with sweat. The footmuff also has a hood that your baby can wear to protect their ears and head from the biting cold. The result is a comfortable trip in the stroller for your child while you both enjoy your walk around town.

How is a footmuff better than a simple blanket or coat?

As the footmuff is attached to the stroller itself, there is no risk of it inadvertently covering your child's face for their safety. In addition, it does not get damaged when your child is agitated, unlike a blanket. A footmuff also provides more room for your child to squirm around, ensuring their comfort. Footmuffs are also more breathable than blankets and down jackets, reducing itching, rashes and chafing for your child.

How do you use a baby footmuff?

A footmuff is practical and easy to use. It has a side zipper and large Velcro openings to allow you to attach it to the stroller and thus keep the heat around your baby.

Why do newborns need a footmuff?

The immune system of newborns is under development. This means that their health is still vulnerable to illnesses associated with the cold of fall and winter. Prevent colds, coughs and other respiratory illnesses by buying a footmuff for your newborn. This will save you the hassle of going to the doctor and comforting your fussy baby.

When is a footmuff used?

A footmuff is practical and essential, whether you are taking your baby to friends, taking a walk in the park or by the seaside, or even heading out into the countryside. Instead of carrying a backpack full of blankets, coats and other accessories with you, simply place your child on the stroller and tie them to their footmuff to protect them from the cold. You will save space and above all time by using a footmuff!

The Cocoon™ footmuff from crocrobō is warm and soft, it can be used in any weather. You can fold down the top and let the child's arms come out and even completely unzip the front on sunny days. Your footmuff then turns into a cozy stroller seat. Click here to learn more about the Cocoon™ Footmuff.


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