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Our processes

At Crocrobō Paris, transparency and responsibility guide each of our steps, from design to delivery. Find out how we are committed to creating quality products that are respectful of the environment and your baby.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Our certifications

At Crocrobō Paris, we believe in transparency as the key to responsible consumption.

Our textiles are Oeko-Tex© Standard 100 certified, a guarantee of the absence of toxic substances for your baby and the environment. No compromise is made when it comes to safety and reliability for our products.

Uncertified textiles represent a real danger to your baby's health. Pesticides, phthalates, chlorinated phenols, heavy metals, formaldehyde, benzene, chlorinated toluene, organotins, dyes... These substances are not only potentially carcinogenic, allergenic, and irritating, but they also emit particularly volatile organic compounds (VOCs). dangerous.

Local Know-How

The making

At Crocrobō Paris, quality, sustainability, and social responsibility guide our daily manufacturing process.

Our footmuffs are meticulously made in Poland in a family workshop, certified “Green Energy”. Powered 100% by renewable sources, this workshop adopts a "Lean manufacturing" approach, promoting close collaboration with employees for responsible production and reduction of waste.

Our changing bags are handcrafted by hand in a solidarity workshop in Slovakia, composed exclusively of women undergoing professional retraining, we actively support the empowerment of women.

Recyclable Materials

The packaging

At Crocrobō Paris, our commitment to sustainability extends to the packaging of our products, reflecting our eco-friendly philosophy.

The faux-leather labels made in a family workshop in Spain are SGS – FSC R certified and totally vegan. Our paper labels, from the same workshop, are made with a satin ribbon and a metal pin, without plastic.

Our carefully designed packaging bags replace plastic packaging for our footmuffs. Made in Spain by a partner workshop, these bags are designed to be reusable, equipped with a satin closing system.

As for our packaging boxes, they are produced in France and made only from 100% recycled paper.

Zero Waste Commitment

The impact

At Crocrobō Paris, we fuse passion for fashion and deep respect for the environment in the design of our products.

We emphasize sustainability, timelessness, and adopt a zero waste approach. By “sourcing” our fabrics and haberdashery accessories, we guarantee transparency on their origins and minimize the quantity of material used.

Favoring timeless designs, we encourage responsible consumption, allowing each product to be used for several years, thus contributing to the reduction of waste.

Sustainability is an ongoing approach at Crocrobō Paris. Your support is essential to achieving these goals.